Oral history and memory of the victims of repression in the Spanish Civil War

FERNÁNDEZ PRIETO, Lourenzo e PRADA RODRÍGUEZ, Julio: “Oral History and the victims of repression in Spanish Civil War”, en 21st  International Congress of Historical Sciences, Amsterdam


The Memory of the victims of july 1936 military and fascist Coup d’Etat contrast with Francoist Memory of the war. Along the Francoist Dictatorship was constructed an official memory and a History complete different of victims memory. Seventy years after the war the reconstruction and rescue of these victims’ memories have just start and is a new way for the construction of a new History that revised francoist topics. The construction of a found of 400 interviews in a research project of Galician universities can allow to show a new way for this new History. The revision of all military records, including military judgments is the second way for this aim. The third way is the recovery of private founds, memories and records.
Some conclusions of this research about the beginning of Spanish Civil war in Galicia can be presented to contrast the official memory, even during the last Democracy 30 years, and victims’ memory.

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22 de mes_08 de 2010
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